MyStake No Deposit Bonus 2024: Get $5 No Deposit Bonus for Mini Games with our Promo Code VIPBONUS

MyStake Mini Games you can play in 2024 with our No Deposit Promo Code VIPBONUS - no initial deposit needed

MyStake Chicken


Uncover the chickens while steering clear of the bones. 99% RTP rate!!!

MyStake DINO

Run Dino, run! And collect your earnings before being swiped out by a meteor.


Release the ball atop the pyramid and hit the colossal 1000x multiplier!

Freebets for MyStake Mini Games



Looking for an unbeatable deal on MyStake Mini Games?
You have landed at the right place; your search ends here with the exclusive promo code “VIPBONUS”! This golden ticket grants you a no-deposit bonus, letting you dive into MyStake’s enthralling Mini Games without spending a dime. It’s a fantastic way to sample what MyStake has to offer, entirely on us.


Here’s How to use your MyStake Mini Games Bonus with our Promo Code VIPBONUS:

  1. Sign Up at MyStake:
    Haven’t joined yet? No worries. Check out our detailed MyStake review or simply head to and hit the red ‘Sign Up’ button to get started.
  2. Enter the Promo Code:
    Once logged in, navigate to the Account Menu, select Gifts with Promo Code, and input “VIPBONUS”. Hit ‘Use’ to activate your bonus and get your Free Spins.
  3. Enjoy Your Free Bets:
    You’ll find EUR 5 in your My Gifts account, ready for you to enjoy on selected Mini Games like Aquarings, Chicken, Dino, and more.
  4. Play Risk-Free:
    Use your bonus from our Promotional Code to explore the Mini Games section in the MyStake Casino. Choose a game, select the EUR 5.00 Free Bet option, and start playing without risking your own funds.


Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out on this MyStake No Deposit Bonus:

Our exclusive “VIPBONUS” bonus code is your ticket to experiencing MyStake’s Mini Games without any financial commitment. Whether you’re new to MyStake or looking to try something different, this Mystake Bonus offer is too good to pass up. Plus, playing with Bonus money is a risk-free way to get a feel for the games before you decide to deposit.


Important Terms to Keep in Mind:

  • The EUR 5 Free Bet bonus comes with a 100x wagering requirement, aiming to give you a taste of the action before you commit.
  • You can win up to EUR 100 with this bonus, offering a nice potential return without any initial deposit.

Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Use the bonus code “VIPBONUS” today and embark on a no-risk adventure into MyStake’s Mini Games. It’s an ideal way to discover your new favorite game without dipping into your wallet. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this exclusive chance to play and win for free with this exciting Casino Bonus.


What is the MyStake Promo Code?

With the MyStake Promocode punters can try out some of the best Mini Games without making a initial deposit. The MyStake Promo Code you need to add is “VIPBONUS”. By entering this code, you unlock a EUR 5 Free Spins bonus to enjoy selected Mini Games without any financial commitment. It’s a risk-free opportunity to explore and potentially win up to EUR 100 without making an initial deposit at the MyStake casino website. Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to play and win for free!


Why Use the MyStake Promo Code VIPBONUS?

Using our exclusive MyStake promo code “VIPBONUS” is a smart move for anyone looking to delve into Mini Games without risking their own funds. This code provides an exclusive opportunity to experience the thrill of gaming at MyStake without any financial commitment. No need to use any deposit bonus codes. By entering the promo code VIPBONUS, you unlock a No Deposit Bonus that allows you to explore different mini games, potentially win up to EUR 100, and get a taste of the action before deciding to deposit. It’s a risk-free way to discover new favorites and enjoy the excitement of gaming without dipping into your wallet. Claim your Free Spins now with our No Deposit Bonuscode VIPBONUS.


What casino games can I play with the MyStake promo code VIPBONUS?

With the MyStake promo code “VIPBONUS,” players can enjoy a variety of Mini Games that offer thrilling experiences and chances to win big. You cannot use the code for “Classic Casino games” such as slots, roulette, blackjack or other table games and live casino games, but you can play the following selection of famous MyStake mini games:

  • The Chicken Game
  • Aquarings
  • Dino
  • Teleport
  • Icefield
  • Plinko

By using our VIPBONUS code, you can immerse yourself in the world of online gaming without any initial deposit, making it an exciting and risk-free opportunity to discover new favorites and potentially walk away with up to EUR 100 in winnings. Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to claim your Free Spins & play and win for free – without a minimum deposit!

You can play the following 6 Mini Games at MyStake for real money without making a deposit:

Freebets for MyStake Mini Games


MyStake Mini Games that you can play using our Promo Code VIPBONUS

You can use our €/$ 5 No Deposit Bonus at MyStake to try the following games, without making a deposit with our MyStake Promotion Code:


The Chicken Game:

Step into the Online Gambling world, unleash your inner gambler and take a peck at one of the most riveting casino games that has taken the world by storm – the ‘Chicken Game’ on MyStake! The Chicken Game is an adrenaline-fueled ride that challenges your luck and quick thinking. 


The Chicken Game is a simple yet exhilarating guessing game. Your task is to identify where the prized Chicken is hidden beneath a dome.

The beauty of this game lies in the unknown, offering an exciting challenge to all thrill-seekers out there. The high payouts are equally enticing, with a staggering 99% RTP at Mystake, leaving a slim 1% house edge!


Getting started is a breeze. Simply head to, create an account using our Promo Code VIPBONUS, receive Freebets of €/$ 5 and you’re set! Find the Chicken Game under ‘Minigames’, place your bet, and let the fun begin!

Upon entering the game, you’ll notice a grid of 25 dome-covered plates. Your aim? Uncover as many chickens as you can while steering clear of those pesky bones. The excitement rises as the risk increases. Opt for more bones, and watch as the multiplier swells. But beware, higher risk could lead to regrettable losses. Remember, you can cash out at any time to safeguard your winnings!


Screenshot of the Chicken Game at MyStake


The Chicken Game at MyStake is undoubtedly based on chance and there’s no surefire way to win, however with an amazing 99% Return-to-Player rate, it is definitely one of the best games, to build up a Bankroll at MyStake without an initial deposit, when you are using our exclusive Promo Code VIPBONUS.


Reignite Your Inner Dinosaur with the Dino Game at MyStake: Step back in time with Dino Mystake, a wildly entertaining and addictive minigame taking the online casino realm by storm. Join ranks with acclaimed crash games like JetX, Aviator, Crash, and Blast, offering an attractive 96% return to player (RTP) percentage.

Mystake Dino Game
The Dino Crash Minigame hooks you in with exhilarating gameplay and rewards galore.

The best thing about it: Use our Promo Code VIPBONUS and claim €/$ 5,- to try out Dino for real money, without having to make a deposit.

The gameplay is simple and super catchy:
You command a dinosaur as it navigates through a series of thrilling stages, with the distance traveled acting as your score multiplier. The only rule that applies: collect your earnings before a meteor wipes out Dino. To do that you can utilize the Cashout button or preset the auto collect to a desired multiplier to avoid any meteoric mishaps.

The Dino Game provides an adrenaline-filled gameplay, and captivates with its vintage charm. Its pixelated, 8-bit graphics and old-school sound effects transport players back to the gaming era of the 80s and 90s. Best of all, the game’s progressive difficulty makes each new playthrough a unique, exciting challenge.



Immerse Yourself in the Refreshing Fun of AquaRings!

With Aquarings you can draw upon your childhood skills to loop rings onto one of the five poles, each boasting its own unique multiplier. This easy-to-understand yet engaging game also unveils a never-before-seen feature in mini-games: a thrilling bonus round!

With an extraordinary RTP (Return to Player) of 99%, Mystake’s AquaRings isn’t just entertaining, it’s a rewarding experience, too! All it takes is placing up to five rings of different colors (without any special multiplier) onto poles featured at the center of your screen, with your wins determined by how well you manage this task.

Your Bonus Bounty Awaits!

Ever thought stacking rings could open a treasure trove? In AquaRings, completing a pole with 5 rings grants a bonus score. Collect 10 bonus scores to trigger the bonus round where you are granted 10 free hops to accumulate as much wealth as you can. The value of each bonus ring matches the average bet value of the 5 rings placed on the pole that unlocked your bonus score. It’s a cascade of rewards just waiting to be claimed!

Go for the Gold with Golden Rings

The excitement doesn’t stop with regular rings; AquaRings introduces the allure of the Golden Rings! These rings emerge sequentially, each with a randomly generated multiplier of 10x to 100x. If you successfully loop a golden ring onto a pole, the win is calculated by multiplying the golden ring’s multiplier by the average value of the 5 rings that unlocked your bonus score. Your total win in the bonus round equals the sum of your last bet and the cumulative value of the golden rings placed on the pole.

Dive headfirst into AquaRings and make a splash in the world of MyStakes best MiniGames without having to make a deposit.
Just use our No Deposit Promo Code VIPBONUS when signing up, claim your Freebets and use them for Aquarings to jump right in this refreshing and rewarding game!


a Quantum Leap with the Enthralling Teleport Game!

Embark on a daring mission to guide a genius yet eccentric professor to the peak of magical fields through the power of teleportation.
With each successful teleport, your multipliers surge, and so do your winnings!

Teleport is a game where the boundaries of science and magic intertwine, inviting you to join Dr. Alistair, a pioneer who’s unlocked the secrets of quantum physics and parallel universe teleportation. Beware though, not all universes are friendly to newcomers, and that’s where the true excitement begins.

Mystake Mini Games - Dino, Chicken, Icefield - 170% Bonus
And the best part?
You can try out Teleport for free with our 5$ Freebets
– using the Promo Code VIPBONUS and win real money!

In the thrilling game of Teleport, your task is to select a safe portal for Dr. Alistair, facilitating his teleportation across universes unscathed. As not all portals are benevolent, choose your next leap wisely. A correct decision sends our scientist safely to the next tier, whereas a poor choice could lead to his untimely demise and loss of your bet.

Designed by Upgaming, Teleport is a must-try mini-game for all those who thrive on thrilling adventures and captivating experiences. Experience the joy of charting unknown territories and embarking on breathtaking adventures by playing Teleport on Mystake.


Step into the Thrilling Yeti’s Adventure with Icefield Minigame!

Join the friendly Yeti in an adrenaline-pumping journey across a frozen tundra in the thrilling Icefield Minigame. With treacherous icy tiles beneath, the goal is simple yet riveting: guide the Yeti safely across unbroken tiles, aiming for the farthest distance you can reach.

As you assist the Yeti in traversing further, your rewards also pile up! With options to adjust the number of ice tiles from 3 to 15, you can choose to play it safe or take a leap of faith, knowing that higher risks can lead to greater wins.

Mystake Mini Games - Dino, Chicken, Icefield - 170% Bonus
Feeling the chill of uncertainty? No worries, you can cash out anytime you like!
And the best part: You can win real money without an initial deposit, using our Promo Code: VIPBONUS when signing up.

How you traverse the ice field is completely in your hands! Choose a field size from 2×3 up to 6×15, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. Each move is a chance to increase your earnings. But remember, a strategy will be your best friend in this rescue mission to maximize your earnings. When you’re ready, hit the “Cashout” button and collect your chilly rewards.

Perseverance is key to turning a profit in Icefield. Resist the temptation to use the “Cashout” option too early. If you reach your goal within seven attempts, you’re already making a profit. Gradually increasing the field size while maintaining your number of attempts equal to the final field’s multiplier is a proven strategy to maximize returns. Take a chance on the Icefield – a frosty adventure with potential lucrative rewards is waiting for you!


Experience the Ultimate Thrill with the Plinko Minigame!

Engage in the world’s renowned Plinko, a mini-game that’s as simple as it is addictive. Just release a ball atop the pyramid, watch as it zigzags through a maze filled with pins, each leading it in different directions, and land on a predetermined multiplier.

With the chance of multiplying your bet from 0.2x to a staggering 1,000x, the excitement is unending. The game allows you to drop up to 20 balls at once, each ball representing 5% of your total bet. Think you can hit that elusive 1,000x multiplier? The thrill of victory is just a drop away!

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As with the other Mini Games on MyStake, you can also use our exclusive €/$ 5 No Deposit Bonus to test Plinko. Just enter our Promo Code VIPBONUS when registering and bounce your way to big wins, without an initial deposit!

Plinko is inspired by the iconic Japanese game “Pachinko” and elevates the classic format to an exhilarating new level. Take a leap of faith and bask in the rush that comes with every chip drop. With visually striking graphics and an intuitive interface, you’re in for an electrifying gaming experience with the potential for substantial wins.

You can personalize your gaming experience with the freedom to choose the number of rows (from 8 to 16), risk level (low, medium, or high), and the number of balls (1 to 20). Remember, your chosen row count and risk level directly influence the game’s multipliers. Opt for a high-risk, 16-row table to chase a colossal 1000x multiplier, or play it safer with an 8-row table offering a still enticing 29x multiplier. Your Plinko adventure awaits on MyStake!

MyStake MINI GAMES Welcome Bonus: 100% up to €500


Players at MyStake that make a first deposit with a deposit amount between 20€/$ and 500€/$ will be awarded with a 100% MINI Games bonus


MyStake Mini Games Welcome Bonus 100% up to Euro 500


The MyStake Online Casino Bonus for Mini Games applies to all of the MyStake minigames except Dice, BlackJack, Plinko and Limbo. The Bonus will be credited to your account immediately after your first deposit. Then you will have to activate the bonus manually. (Note that you have to activate the bonus first  and then play Mini Games, otherwise, you will not get the bonus). Players can only benefit from this bonus ONCE and ONLY on their first deposit. As usual, this Bonus cannot be used in conjunction with any other MyStake promotions.


Mini Games Bonus AND Deposit are subject to wagering requirements of thirty (30) times deposit plus bonus amount. The minimum odds required for a bet to count as a wager is 1.3. Odds less than 1.3 will not be counted as a wager and will be considered as an unconscionable action.

How to get the most MyStake Dino Free Runs

MyStake Casino Players who make a real money deposit of at least €/$/£ 20 will be awarded 10 additional Dino Free Runs by entering the MyStake Bonus Code DINOFREERUN in the promo code field that can be accessed through the MyStake Account Menu in the “Gifts and Promocode” section.

Getting Started the best possible way:

How to make the most out of the generous bonuses and special promotions at MyStake if you want to play the MyStake Dino Game and enjoy a lot extra free Dino runs

  • Setting Up:
    To dive into the Dino casino game, start by creating an account on MyStake using our exclusive Bonus Code VIPBONUS, to get €/$ 5 Freebets for some of the best MyStake Mini Games, including DINO. Like that you already get your first 5 Dino Runs totally free!

  • Claim your MyStake Mini Games Welcome Bonus:
    The MyStake Mini Games Welcome Bonus is 100% for deposits between 20 €/$ and 500 €/$ and enjoy between 20 and 500 Dino Free Runs (depending on your deposit and assuming you are betting €/$ 1,- per Dino Run)

  • Make small deposits and collect extra Dino free runs
    Since the Dino Freerun Bonus is not limited to a single use only, it is a good idea to proceed with smaller deposits of at least €/$ 20 and claim 10 additional Dino Free Runs every time by entering the MyStake Bonus Code DINOFREERUN in the promo code field that can be accessed through the MyStake Account Menu, starting from your second deposit.

Get 10 MyStake Dino Free Runs with Bonuscode DINOFREERUN

Key Game Features of the MyStake Dino Run Crash Game:

  • Multiplier: This feature shows the potential win amount as the T-Rex runs, with the figure increasing until the game ends.
  • Game History: Offers insights into past games, allowing for strategic bets based on the history of crash multipliers.
  • Double Bet: Enables placing two bets in a single round, offering a mix of safety and risk.
  • Bet History: Tracks your betting performance, helping identify trends in your gameplay.
  • Auto Bet & Auto Cashout: Automate betting and cashing out based on set multipliers, simplifying the gameplay.

Our Top 3 MyStake MINI GAMES:


Uncover the chickens while steering clear of the bones. 99% RTP rate!!!

MyStake DINO

Run Dino, run! And collect your earnings before being swiped out by a meteor.


Release the ball atop the pyramid and hit the colossal 1000x multiplier!

MyStake FAQs

Yes. Use the Promo Code VIPBONUS at registration to receive €/$ 5 Freebets for the MyStake Mini Games. No deposit required.

New players at MyStake can choose between a Sports and a Casino Welcome Bonus. The Sports Welcome Bonus for new players is a 100% up to $500 and Casino players can choose between a 150% Bonus up to $200 or a 100% Bonus up to $1000.

MyStake is a Crypto Casino and Sportsbook that was launched in 2022. is owned and operated by Santeda International B.V. and licensed and regulated by the Government of Curaçao.

Yes, MyStake is a secure platform that prioritizes responsible gambling. It is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curaçao under the gaming license No. 1668/JAZ, providing a secure environment for bettors. The site also uses SSL encryption to protect user data, further enhancing its credibility.

MyStake accepts a wide range of Crypto Coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, BNB, Tether, Ripple, Cardano, Monero, Ripple, Solana, Tron and USD Coin. MyStake also accepts all major debit and credit cards like VISA and MasterCard, as well as eWallets and e-Transfers such as Interac (for Canadian players), Neteller and Skrill.

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